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Our Story

We love cupcakes!

We are an all-American gourmet cupcake bakery based in Singapore.

Swirls started off with the belief we can spread joy to people through what we love the most in life - baking cupcakes.

It was that belief that triggered an expedition across the oceans, spanning from the East to West Coast of America, to the cobblestoned streets of Europe -
all in search of the perfect gourmet cupcake recipes to bring home to Singapore to share with you.

We are here to make your day. To allow you to feel really, really good. To see the brighter side of things. To let you bite into one of our moist, divine cupcakes with sumptuous frosting & delicious toppings. To serve cupcakes that are fit for stars!

Our mission is simple: to make the best cupcakes that you have ever tasted.

Aside from bringing you happiness through our baked goods such as layer cakes, brownies & cookies, Swirls cupcakes are helping the world we live in by donating to charities around the world! One cupcake at a time, we are baking our world a better place.

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